OneGreatFamily Search Hints

How to Search OneGreatFamily for Family Trees

  • Best Way to Search: Go to Active Searches for easier searching. At the Active Searches page, you need only to enter your ancestor data once to search all the websites. Active Searches is a free service that creates the optimal searches for your ancestor data.
  • Manually search OneGreatFamily yourself. This will open a new window so you can refer back to the search hints above.

OneGreatFamily® Website Capabilities

See the definition of terms for any questions on the meaning of the entries.

x free searches
  free viewing of pedigrees
x paid viewing
  free downloads of pedigrees (if allowed by the person who submitted the GEDCOM)
x paid downloads
x contact information for submitter
x ability to see all the names submitted by a particular researcher (for a particular GEDCOM that was submitted)
x ability to restrict searches to updates since a specific time
x searches with spouse's name
x searches with parent's names
  searches by place of birth
  searches by place of marriage
  searches by place of death
x searches by country
x searches by state, province, or political subdivision
x searches by date
  ability to specify date ranges for searching
x searches by exact spelling of name
x searches by metaphone
x searches by soundex
x ability to automatically find possible matches in your ancestry