WorldConnect Search Hints, Suggestions, and Review

Hints and Suggestions for Searching Family Trees at WorldConnect

This announcement appeared on the website in March, 2023: WorldConnect family trees will be removed from RootsWeb on April 15, 2023 and will be migrated to in early 2024.

Ways to Search WorldConnect Family Trees

  • The Best Way to Search Other Family Trees: Go to Your Active Family Tree Searches on this website for easier searching. At Your Active Family Tree Searches page, you need only to enter your ancestor data once to search all the websites. Your Active Family Tree Searches is a free service that creates the optimal searches for your ancestor data to help with researching your genealogy.
  • Manually search WorldConnect family trees yourself. This is no longer an option. See the announcement displayed above.

Review of WorldConnect Family Trees

Highlights: WorldConnect at is a collection of user-submitted family trees. It contains millions of references to lineage linked individuals and families identifying research on given family lines. You do not need to create an account or have a membership to review the family trees. The website does not have original documents, but does allow for citations. Those citations, however, can vary in quality.

For more features, see the table below.

See the definition of terms for any questions on the meaning of the entries in the table below.

Features of WorldConnect Family Trees
  Feature Comment
x free family tree searches  
  paid family tree searches  
x free viewing of pedigrees  
  paid viewing of pedigrees  
  free downloads of pedigrees  
  paid downloads of pedigrees  
  any supporting documentation shown with the family tree  
  free viewing of supporting documentation  
  paid viewing of supporting documentation  
  contact information for family tree submitter  
  ability to share editing of your family tree with others  
  ability to see all the trees or names submitted by a researcher  
  ability to restrict searches to updates since a specific time  
  searches with name of spouse  
  searches with names of parents  
  searches with names of children  
x searches by place of birth  
  searches by place of marriage  
x searches by place of death  
x searches by country  
x searches by state, province, or political subdivision  
x searches by date of birth  
  searches by date of marriage  
  searches by date of death  
  ability to specify date ranges for searching  
x searches by exact spelling of names  
x searches by similar sounding spellings of names  
x uploading of your family tree  
  interactive editing of the online version of your family tree  
  ability to delete the online version of your family tree  
  ability to keep your family tree private, should you prefer that  
  automatic suggestions for matches in other family trees or documents based on your family tree  
  Your DNA results can be attached to your family tree  

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