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Search family trees at ten online family tree databases by entering your ancestor information just once. This free service creates the best family tree searches based on your ancestry. Get started by entering what you know about your ancestor in the form below. It is best to use the more distant ancestor that you know.

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This page allows you to search major family tree sites by entering your information just one time. Also, the Active Searches page determines the best type of search for each family tree site based on the information you enter on an ancestor. View Active Searches.

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If you would like to review the capabilities of the Active Searches page before using it, then look at the Active Searches Tour. View the Active Searches Tour.

Search Hints for Family Trees

Should you decide not to use the Active Searches page, the following pages provide hints for manually searching the various family tree sites. Each page provides hints along with a checklist of the website's search capabilities. View the Family Tree Search Hints.


This page provides definitions for terms used at this website. View the Definitions.

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Background on Family Tree Searcher

The Family Tree Searcher site grew out of efforts to trace my family trees. I found most of the clues to my ancestry by searching online, particularly for my great-grandmother Cora Burns (pictured at the right). Much to my surprise, the ancestry of Cora Burns can be traced back to the Quaker colonization in 1682.

As I became fairly good at searching the various websites, friends and relatives have asked me to give them suggestions for searching for family trees. Instead of telling them how to search for family trees at various sites, I decided to create this website. I hope this website helps you in your search. To get started, just complete the form above.

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