Your Active Searches Tour: Searching for an Ancestor

  1. Choose the site you wish to search. Click on the Search button for that site.
  2. A new window will appear with your search results for your ancestor at that site. You may browse that window as you wish.
  3. To search another site, simply click on the Search button for that site. You do not need to re-enter information about your ancestor. Again, the information you saved earlier is used to automatically query the next site that you choose.
  4. You do not need to close this window to conduct another search. It is OK, however, to close the window before conducting another search if you wish.
  5. It is also OK to leave the "hints" window available for reference while you are searching.

In this example, the Search button for the Computerized Ancestor was selected. A new window appeared with the search results from the Computerized Ancestor site. The site was automatically queried using the information you saved on your ancestor. The word "started" also appeared under the selected Search button. This helps keep track of which sites you have searched and which you have not. If you would like to reset the "started" entries, just follow the instructions in the text at the beginning of the Suggested Searches section.

Searching for an ancestor