FAQ: I am using the Symantec Norton Personal Firewall and either nothing happens or my system crashes when I try to use the Active Searches page. What should I do?

The Symantec Personal Firewall, Release 2.5 (and perhaps earlier releases) seems to have a problem with downloading larger script files. Since the Active Searches page relies on a relatively large JavaScript file, the Personal Firewall can sometimes cause your system to hang or crash.

There are two things you can do:

  1. You can upgrade to the current release at www.symantec.com.
  2. You can keep Release 2.5 and disable Personal Firewall security for the first time you use the Active Searches page each day. Once the JavaScript files download successfully, you can then enable security. The Active Searches page only needs to download once.

Symantec Personal Firewall, Releases after 2.5

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