FAQ: I entered an ancestor for the first time, pressed Save, but nothing happened. What should I do?

There can be multiple reasons this could happen on the Active Searches page. Things to check:

  1. Did you receive any warnings about using AOL? The standard browser that comes with AOL sometimes does not work properly with the Active Searches page. There is an easy work-around for this situation. Go to AOL.
  2. Did you receive any warnings about cookies not being saved? The information on the Active Searches page requires that you allow cookies to be saved. You need allow the cookie to be saved when prompted. If you were not prompted about saving a cookie and received a warning, you may have the saving of cookies turned off. Go to the instructions on turning on cookie saving.
  3. Did you receive any warnings about your browser version? The Active Searches page requires more recent versions of either Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. Click here for the versions of browser that work best with this site and how to obtain newer versions.
  4. Did you see any warnings about JavaScript errors? If so, click here for more instructions.
  5. Do you have JavaScript turned off? If you do not see "JavaScript Enabled" at the end of this paragraph after "Status," then click here for instructions on how to turn on JavaScript. Status: 
  6. Are you using a firewall? The Symantec Norton Personal Firewall can sometimes block JavaScript code which causes the Active Searches page to "hang" or do nothing. Click here for instructions on firewall problems.
  7. Did you have a system crash or did you update your browser after trying the Active Searches page? You might have a corrupted cookie. Click here for instructions on deleting a cookie.

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