FAQ: I am using AOL and the Active Searches page does not work. What should I do?

Sometimes AOL users will encounter JavaScript errors on the Active Searches page or the Active Searches page simply won't work. If this is happening to you, follow these instructions:

  1. If you wish, print this page for reference.
  2. Connect to AOL as you usually do.
  3. While connected (be sure you do not sign off AOL), open up Microsoft's Internet Explorer. You will most likely find the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop. Click on that icon. You may need to "minimize" the AOL screen to find the icon. If you cannot find the icon on your desktop, select your "Start" button, go to "Programs", and scroll down in the menu until you see the Internet Explorer. Select "Internet Explorer" from that menu choice.
  4. Once Internet Explorer has opened up, return to the https://www.familytreesearcher.com/mysearch/index.html using Microsoft Internet Explorer (not AOL).
  5. Enter an ancestor and try searching for that ancestor. If you have questions on how to do this, go to https://www.familytreesearcher.com/mysearch/active_searches_tour.htm.

If you are still experiencing problems, you might have a corrupted cookie. Click here for instructions on deleting a cookie. Then repeat the instructions above.

Also check to see that you have a recent version of Internet Explorer. We recommend that you have version 5.0 or higher. We have found that AOL does appear to work better if you have Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher. Click here to see what browsers work best with this site for links to download new browser releases. If you are not sure of the version of your browser, go to https://www.familytreesearcher.com/mysearch/problem_reporting.html. Look for the number following "MSIE." That is the release of your Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If, after following these instructions, the site is not working for you, please send us a description of the problem, any error messages you received, and the information from https://www.familytreesearcher.com/mysearch/problem_reporting.html. Send the information to .

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